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For a variety of reasons, Muslims in America are in the public spotlight. As a result, the demand for information and analysis on Muslims and Islam in the United States has risen. At ISPU, we conduct objective, solution-seeking research that empowers American Muslims to develop their community and fully contribute to democracy and pluralism in the United States. It is our hope that these materials will allow a host of interested parties to do the same.


Religious Diversity in the Classroom

A free, five-part webinar series created by Tanenbaum and Teaching Tolerance to help teachers create inclusive classrooms and promote religious literacy.


Supporting Your Diverse Classroom and Resources for Teaching about Islam

A free webinar hosted by Islamic Networks Group in which panelists from a wide range of organizations provide tips and resources for teachers.


Saudi Aramco World: Young Reader’s World

Each Young Reader’s World selection is abridged from an original article previously published in Aramco World or Saudi Aramco World, with activities, writing and discussion topics added especially for readers ages 8 to 15.


Islam: A Bibliography

Compiled by Patrick S. O'Donnell of Santa Barbara City College (2003)
Explore this extensive online list of relevant materials (in English) grouped into the following areas:
-The Qur'an
-Shi'i Islam
-Theology and philosophy
-The Arts
-Geographic regions and nation-states
-Culture, Economics, and Politics


Foreign Affairs "The Best Books on the Middle East 2012"

Annual listing of best reads on the Middle East for 2012 selected by L. Carl Brown, the professor emeritus of history at Princeton University, was Middle East reviewer for Foreign Affairs for the January/February through May/June issues this year. John Waterbury, the William Stewart Tod professor of Politics and International Affairs emeritus at Princeton became Middle East reviewer for Foreign Affairs.


Hate Your Policies, Love Your Institutions

Author: John Waterbury
The first session of the CERIS Faculty Readers' Forum centered on this article from Foreign Affairs, January/February 2003. Online discussion took place January 6–20, 2006, and was facilitated by Kurt Werthmuller of Geneva College.


In the Shade of the Tree: A Photographic Odyssey Through the Muslim World

Author: Peter Sanders
A breathtaking look at the Muslim world through the lenses of an internationally acclaimed photographer.


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