Emergent: Women’s Voices

Emergent (BarAyandegan) is a new body of work about Iranian women and how they changed the dynamics of gender and the socio-economic structures in the 20th century Iran. In its first phase, Emergent includes a series of guided conversations with women who were born before 1950. These conversations took place in their personal spaces, and make up the content of the podcast series. Each episode provides an intimate portrait of one woman in her own voice.


4th international conference on Sacred Texts and Human Contexts: Women and Gender in Religions

Nazareth College, Hickey Center for interfaith Studies and Dialogue is pleased to announce its 4th international conference on Sacred Texts and Human Contexts: Women and Gender in Religions on July 30 - August 1, 2017. The Conference is open to scholars in religious, theology, women and gender studies and other social scientists from US and abroad as presenters or participants.
* The proposal should be no more than 550 words.
* Send a 225-word resume that presents expertise in the area of your presentation.


2014 Jordan Summer Study Program for Teachers

The Global Studies Center at the University of Pittsburgh in collaboration with CERIS will lead a four-week study program in Jordan this summer. Through this amazing experience, high school teachers will enhance their ability to educate students about the Arab and Islamic world and become proficient in colloquial Arabic.


2019 Student Research Symposium

2019 Theme: Identity, Culture and Contact Across the Islamic World

Undergraduate and graduate students are invited to present their research at the CERIS Research Symposium on March 23, 2019 at Slippery Rock. A broad range of topics are accepted (see below a list of past papers presented.) If you think a paper you are writing or a project completed (visual arts, poetry, etc) may qualify but aren’t sure, please email Elaine Linn at


Global Generation Y Program

Funded by the National Association of International Educators (NAFSA) and the U.S. Department of State in 2003, the Global Generation Y Program introduced non-Muslim professionals to international Muslim graduate students to encourage cross-cultural understanding within the framework of civil society, culture, religion, and professional development. The participants volunteered together with civic organizations, read two books and participated in book discussions, and held community dinners and discussions and a weekend retreat.


Faculty Readers' Forum

K-16 Educators and librarians are invited to participate in the bi-annual CERIS Faculty Readers' Forum.

November 6, 2020
6 PM Online Book Discussion

The plight of the Uyghurs is arguably the single biggest human rights violation in the world today. Assistant Professor of History James Pickett, University of Pittsburgh will facilitate a discussion using articles and chapters of books to shed light on the historical context and current conditions facing the Uyghurs of China. You will receive a packet of readings once you register.

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